Swimming pools – Determining the Ks 4,3 acidity with the new DUROVAL® Ks 4,3

Swimming pools – Determining the Ks 4,3 acidity with the new DUROVAL® Ks 4,3

We constantly work towards developing new and relevant products that support our customers in their daily work. For this reason, we have expanded our product  range by adding a new test kit.

 IMG_0003  Due to its measuring range of 0 2.0 mmol/l and resolution of 0,05 mmol/l the DUROVAL® Ks 4,3 titration kit is particularly suitable for determining KS4,3 in swimming pools.KS4,3 acidity represents the hydrogen carbonated materials dissolved in water and is essential to ensure the efficacy of flocculants, pH regulators and chlorine.The German standard DIN 19643 „Treatment of water of swimming pools and baths“ recommends a weekly control of  Ks 4,3 acidity. All measurement results must be recorded in the operation journal.

The values may not fall below the lower limit values of 0,3 mmol/l or 0,7 mmol/l. In our opinion, the optimum value of Ks 4,3 acidity is 1.5-2.0 mmol/l. At this value, disinfectant, such as chlorine and pH correction means and flocculants can be perfectly set, corrosion of plant components, tile joints and concrete caused by too low Ks 4,3 acidity can be avoided.

Our new test kit DUROVAL Ks 4,3 is set to exactly this value.

If you need any further assistance or have queries regarding Ks 4,3 acidity, please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you are interested we are glad to inform you about the possibilities of automatic harndess increase, a technology wihich continuously stabilizes the quality of the swimming pool water.

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