Swimming pools – Total chlorine measurement

Control of the circulation rate measuring total chlorine in swimming pool water

It is essential for swimming pools to save energy costs, because they are large energy consumers. One possibility is to reduce the flow rate of the circulation pump controlled by a frequency inverter at night.

After heavy swimmer use it takes all night long for the water treatment system to regenerate the pool water achieving full compliance with the limit values required according to DIN 19643. In this case, it would not be advisable to reduce the pump’s flow rate. This decision has hitherto largely been the responsibility of the pool attendants.

Now our Testomat 2000® CLT will perform the task of monitoring the total chlorine content of the pool water instead of the pool attendant. The water treatment system, controlled by a frequency inverter, and a M&C system (=Monitor and control system) will allow you to control the circulation rate depending on water pollution regardless of the number of visitors.

It is recommended that you only reduce the flow rate in compliance with the treatment parameters. In order to determine the water pollution as accurately as possible, the total chlorine content should be measured by a M&C system for chlorine free/pH/redox.

Our Testomat 2000® CLT and the Chlorine reagent set T provide precise measurement of the total chlorine content. The 0-20 mA signal allows the circulation to be controlled in an anticipatory way.

In this way  the water quality of your swimming pool will remain high and  you can observe the limit values of the treatment parameters specified in the corresponding standard an reduce your energy costs


Find out more in the manual: Testomat 2000® CLT_GB (463)

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