Swimming pools – Well water monitoring

Swimming pools – Well water monitoring

Monitoring the content of dissolved iron (II) + (III) in the range of 0 -0.2 mg/l in well water for filling and refilling swimming pools.

Well water is an economic alternative for filling swimming pools, many saltwater thermal baths have their own well water supply.Before using well water for your pool, it has to be checked to determine the content of different substances in a sanitary laboratory. When samples reveal elevated levels of iron and manganese,additional measures may be required before the use of the water to meetthe limit values, which  are as follows: 0.2 mg/l iron in the swimming pool water.

Water containing small amounts of iron is green, excessive amounts of iron can cause pool water to turn reddish brown. Too much manganese in the water causes to turn it black. Discolored pool water can stain pool tiles, inlet nozzles, plumbing fixtures and water attractions. In order to avoid this risk and to ensure compliance with the limit values, iron and manganese contents are to be reduced to the extent needed by means of iron and removal units. Several models are available.

For fully automatic monitoring iron content of treated well water we recommend our Testomat 2000® Fe. Our Testoval® colorimetric test kits for iron  are perfectly suitable for a qick check.

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