Swimming pools – KS4,3 Acidity

Swimming pools – KS4,3 Acidity

 Optimal regulation of carbonate hardness in the swimming pool water

In the swimming pool water treatment substances are used which adjust the acid capacity of the water.

Acid capacity – also called carbonate hardness – have the ability to offset the impact of treatment products, and to ensure the quality of the pool water. Particularly in connection with the reuse and recycling of swimming pool water, carbonate hardness is gaining increasingly in importance.

TESTOMAT ECO C is ideal as a control system of KS4,3 Acidity. In combination with a mineralizing system,
the device ensures compliance with the parameters required by DIN 19643 (0.3 or 0.7 mmol/l KS4, 3 ).

The aim is to start a join project to integrate the proven Testomat technology into the plant concept of the
customer. For a hand measuring our Duroval KS4,3 can be used with its high measuremnt accuracy at low resolution.


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