The technology pioneer conquerd china

China is our market of the future

From 2008 it is a done deal in China: Defined limit values for the process water quality are obligatory for the industry from 2013 onwards. For boiler houses this concerns limit values for the boiler feed water. In this specific segment of the system alone, it is estimated to concern more than half-a-million plants in China, which may fall under the new regulation.

Managing Director Marc Osterwald explains not without pride: “This is our core competence, by which our products are mentioned in one breath. In Central Europe, it is often stated that a Testomat is required, thus referring to a device for online hardness monitoring “.

Being the number one manufacturer and supplier for hardness monitoring in Central Europe and at home in the boiler house application for decades, Osterwald is convinced that “in the German-speaking region we have 70% market share in the hardness monitoring. Why shouldn´t we reach 10% market share in China with our Testomat systems, especially since our device is the first one which “speaks” Mandarin, when it comes to online hardness monitoring equipment manufactured outside Asia.” Managing Director Osterwald also points out that “As professional sales organization of the brand manufacturer Heyl, we are cautiously optimistic and believe that we have mastered a further step towards success in China by participating at the IFAT-Shanghai in March 2011.”

Marketing Manager Mrs. Alfus defines respectfully that “We are intrigued by China which has drawn us in its spell. We work with great joy at the goal to supply reliable components and instruments to this great country, as a German family business .

The first large delivery took place in 2011. Confirmed at the IFAT-Shanghai as well as by the already developed market success it is certain that reliable Heyl technology and the decades of experience take genuine interest in the Chinese market. Water resources and thus water treatment will be of great importance in China and this can be a milestone in Heyl´s company history. “We are ready and will do what is necessary and important to be recognized as a reliable partner for the Chinese water industry and economy”, Marc Osterwald emphasizes clearly the objective.

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