The Testomat® EVO TH is NRTL certified for the American and Canadian market

Occupational Safety and Health Administration  OSHA  and a book.

The Testomat® EVO TH, that determines water hardness fully automatically via Titration, has proved its worth worldwide for monitoring the water quality of water treatment, drinking-water plants and industrial Boilers and last but not least, monitoring process water.

In the United States of America and Canada, the specifications that products shall have to fulfill, if they get installed in public buildings or in the commercial sector, are particularly high. European testings, based on EN- and IEC-norms aren’t officially recognised, there.

The American Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes private sector organizations to perform certification for certain products to ensure that they meet the requirements of both the construction and general industry OSHA electrical standards. Each NRTL has a scope of test standards that they are recognized for, and each NRTL uses its own unique registered certification mark(s) to designate product conformance to the applicable product safety test standards. After certifying a product, the NRTL authorizes the manufacturer to apply a registered certification mark to the product. If the certification is done under the NRTL program, this mark signifies that the NRTL tested and certified the product, and that the product complies with the requirements of one or more appropriate product safety test standards.

We are a little bit proud, that the Testomat® EVO TH is a NRTL tested and certified product, now.

Here you can see our NRTL-Certificate_Testomat EVO TH: NRTL-Certificate_Testomat EVO TH

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