Initial campaign discount on Testomat EVO TH

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On the purchase of a new Testomat EVO TH, get a discount of 3% on the list price plus a bottle of indicator of your choice free of cost….


The Testomat EVO TH offers the following outstanding features like:

  • Optical water detection when filling the measuring chamber
  • Import and export of settings (basic programming) with selectable file name
  • Logging of measurement data and messages / alarms using an integrated SD or optional SDHC card (2GByte)
  • Firmware update via SD card
  • LCD graphic display
  • Multilingual menu with easy switching (internal programming is retained)
  • Integrated self-test with continuous monitoring
  • External clear / acknowledge input
  • Free programmable password
  • Automatic bleeding of the indicator line
  • Doors can be changed individually
  • Range monitoring (fall below limit value1 / exceed limit value 2)
  • Permitted number of lack of water, freely programmable (for systems with temporarily low water pressure)

For more information about the product and offer please contact us at:

Telephone: 05121 7609-0


The offer is vaild till 31.03.2019

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