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Part number: 880481

A27-ТFT Aqua UVtron with touch screen display for the disinfection of drinking water up to 38°C DVGW / ÖVGW-certified

Radiator performance:
41 W
Flow rate:
2.8 m³/h

Product description (A27-ТFT Aqua UVtron with touch screen display for the disinfection of drinking water up to 38°C DVGW / ÖVGW-certified):

Electro polished stainless steel chamber 316L V4A 1.4404 with stainless steel sample taps at the entrance and exit of the system, mounted UV sensor holder with selective UV-C Sensor at 254 nm according to DVGW W-294 and Ö-Norm 5873-1, vent and drain plug, in build turbulator, UV-C amalgam low pressure lamp build in hard quartz sleeve F240.

Microprocessor controlled monitor with backlight graphic  touch screen display TFT for the operation and visualization of   all measured parameters such as the absolute UV-C intensity in W/m2, Temperature, flow through the UV unit, and optional probe for turbidity in NTU/FNU, SAC-254 nm as well as the  prefixed UV-C dose in J/m2 for the step less energy control of the electronic ballast depending on the measured UV-C transmission and flow. Integrated data logger for the registration of all measured values, operation status and event memorization such as all warnings and alarms. Remote monitoring capability via Ethernet LAN or UMTS  communication. Potential free relay contacts for pre-alarm and alarm, 4 – 20 mA signal output proportional to the measured  UV-C Intensity. Relay output contacts for the control of a flush  valve depending on the temperature threshold programmed.

UV-systems with higher flow:

A46-TFT Aqua UVtron: Nominal flow 3.7 m³/h, power consumption 80 W, hydraulic connection R 1 1/2 AG; Article number: 880483

A90-TFT Aqua UVtron: Nominal flow 10.2 m³/h, power consumption 150 W, hydraulic connection R 1 1/2; Article number: 880486

A180-TFT Aqua UVtron: Nominal flow 18.9 m³/h, power consumption 230 W, hydraulic connection DN 65; Article number: 880489

A300-TFT Aqua UVtron: Nominal flow 26.3 m³/h, power consumption 265 W, hydraulic connection DN 80; Article number: 880492

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