Detailed product view
Part number: 800610

UV-system LE-007

Reactor length:
600 mm
200 mm
TC DN 20
Radiator performance:
25 W
Flow rate:
0,75 m³/h


Accessories: UV systems for higher flow capacities upon request

Product description (UV-system LE-007):

UV-system LE for the disinfection of process and pure water in the food and beverage industry, consisting of:

• Stainless steel reactor (1.4404 n. DIN 11850), electro polished on the outside and the inside, with Tri-Clamp flange according to DIN 32676
others upon request), quartz immersion tube and UV low pressure radiator; temperature monitoring for 300 W and 400 W systems
• Stainless steel control cabinet (dimensions upon request) with electronic ballast, function display, operating hours meter and on/off switch (230 VAC)

The flow rate applies for water with a UV transmission of 98% / 1cm and
800 J/m2 UV radiation.

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