Detailed product view
Part number: 850927


Measuring range:
0–500 µS/cm; cell constant of 0.1 | 0–2000 µS/cm; cell constant of 0.5 | 0–5000 µS/cm; cell constant of 1.0 | (temperature compensated) |

Product description (FOR PROCESS APPLICATIONS: Neomeris Control RO):

Micro-controller Neomeris Control RO for reverse osmosis plants.

Performance profile:

  • Graphic display 128 x 64 pixel, RGB backlight, membrane keypad
  • Operating languages: D and GB
  • Permeate conductivity measurement and valve control
  • Monitoring of pressure and tank level
  • PC software for parameter setup and visualization (optional)


  • 4 switching inputs: forced stop/external release; tank level above and down; pressure switch
  • Output for pressure pump: changeover contact 250 V, max. 4 A total
  • 3 relay outputs: inlet valve, concentrate flush valve or dosing pump; alarm or permeate valve
  • Analogue output: 0–20 mA, adjusted to the measuring range of the conductivity probe
  • 2 analogue inputs: conductivity probe, temperature sensor PT100

Technical data:

  • Protection class: IP65
  • Mains connections: 230 V, +/- 10%, 50–60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 5A AC
  • Dimensions (B x H x L): approx. 199 x 179 x 106 mm


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