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Part number: 880816

Neomeris Softwater Resin Sensor for water hardness monitoring


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Product description (Neomeris Softwater Resin Sensor for water hardness monitoring):

The Neomeris Softwater Resin Sensor monitors the water hardness by a sensor and signals a hardness breakthrough by alarm.

This device is suitable for water hardness monitoring in reverse osmosis systems, boiler feedwater supplies, ultrapure water systems or in the area of soft water production for commercial and industrial purposes.

The reactivation of the sensor takes place by means of a brine, which is introduced via an integrated multi-way valve with injector.

Technical data:

Display: Two-line display

Dimensions: 200 mm x 250 mm x 75 mm

Connection: 230/ 12 V Hz/cy 3 VA

Alarm output: 2 parallel, 24 V; 1A

Power supply: Power adapter 230 V/10 W

Max. water temperature: 30°C

Ambient temperature: 15–40°C

Min. inlet pressure: 2.5 bar

Max. inlet pressure: 6 bar

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