Novelties at a glance


Neomeris Softwater Resin Sensor for water hardness monitoring

The Neomeris Softwater Resin Sensor monitors the water hardness by a sensor and signals a hardness breakthrough by ala ...


Maintenance Case “professional” of T2000/ECO

Maintenance Case "professional" of T2000/ECO: 6x #011210 Protection plug to measuring chamber T2000 / ECO 4x #011216 O-R ...


Measuring chamber with double glazing

Measuring chamber with double glazing ...


NEOMERIS combined portable meter pH/EC/TDS/temperature high; 0,00 to 14,00 pH-Wert; 0,00 to 20,00 mS/cm

Resolution pH 0.01 pH EC 0.1 mS/cm TDS 0.01 ppt Temp 0.1°C / 0.1°F ...

Testomat 808 SIO2-Bild

Testomat® 808 SiO2

The Testomat® 808 SiO2 has been designed for use in the sterilisation of hospitals. It complies with the EN 285:2006 st ...

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