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Part number: 500002

Bioresin® BW 05 (1L)

Product description (Bioresin® BW 05 (1L)):

1l Bioresin® BW 05 Special resin for the protection against microbial contamination in
softening plants in idle state.

The disinfection effect of Bioresin® BW 05 is based on metallic silver that has been firmly attached to the resin balls during a special procedure.
Metallic silver is virtually insoluble in water. The smell and taste of the water are not affected.

• Effective against bacterial re-growth of the resin at low flow rate and inidle state
• Does not affect disinfecting effect by backwash and salting during filter regeneration, resulting in a long lasting effectiveness
• Existing systems can be retrofitted
• Does not affect the smell and taste of the water
• Does not require expensive dosing systems for the disinfection of the filter compound
• Does not result in shorter regeneration cycles of the softening plant with sodium chloride, thus ecologically friendly and cost-effective
• Maintenance-free

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