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Part number: 880115

Multiparameter-Handheld Photometer PPM 150

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Product description (Multiparameter-Handheld Photometer PPM 150):

Multiparameter-handheld photometer PPM 150 for the determination of chemical water parameters; equipped with 9 LED in the wavelength
range from 380 to 810 nm.

Consists of:
Multiparameter-handheld photometer PPM 150, light protection cover to avoid incidence of external light, 5 cuvettes, USB-cable,
IRDA-adapter and software; delivered in a plastic case

Performance profile:
- flexible for many reagents of different manufacturers
- software for documentation and for the generation of calibration curves
- internal method storage for max. 150 calibration curves
- memory up to 1000 data sets; documentation per data set: date, time, wavelength; used reagents; test results; test number
- wireless data transfer via integrated IR-interface between photometer and PC /Laptop
- pre-parameterized with the curves of all named parameters

Technical data:
Optics: 9 LED and filter
Wavelengths 380 / 430 / 470 /500 / 520 / 560 / 610 / 700 / 810 nm
Extinction range: -0.5 to 4.0
Electro-optical accuracy: 1.5% of the test value
Photometric accuracy: ±3% on filter
Languages: German and English
Method storage: max. 150 reagent calibration curves with instructions
Interface: wireless via IR
Memory: max 1.000 data sets
Graphic display: 128 x 64 pixel, 60 x 40 mm size, backlight
Power supply: 4 build-in rechargeable AA-batteries or 4 x AA-alkaline batteries

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