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Part number: 620002

Softmaster® MMP 2

Field of application:
1 and 2-filters for change over, parallel and serial plant operation via central control valves or pilot distributor
Equipment configuration:
• 8 Relay outputs
• 8 Inputs
• 2 Input for water meter
• 12 V-supply for water turbine
• 24 V, 115 V, 230 V, 230 V/24V
• IP 65
• Weight approx. 1.3 kg
• (W x H x D) 270 x 295 x 130 mm
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• Option:
Remote control via RS232 and telephone network

Product description (Softmaster® MMP 2):

Controlling device Softmaster® MMP 2 for fully automated regeneration of water softening plants; fitting for central control valves or pilot distributor,
controlled via electrical toggle or pulse switch and for pilot valves to pilot regeneration valves; for 1-filter, 2-filter–alternate switching; quantity/time/quality controlled activation of regeneration.

Performance profile:
• Eight potential-free relay outputs for two filters, operation valves, two add-on programs and error message, synchronising contact
• Outlet for metering pulse
• 12 V-power supply for water turbine
• Inputs for two water flow meters
• Eight inputs for regeneration-start/ regeneration-stop, brine level – empty/full, synchronous messages of valves and error messages of Testomat® instruments
• Remote control and monitoring via telephone network or mobile communications network by means of RS232 and Modem, ISDN-TA or GSM-device (optional), see remote control


Menu Navigation (D, GB, F, NL, PL, I) and Reference:
24 V/50-60 HZ: 620000; with RS232 620200
115 V/50-60 HZ: 620001; with RS232 620201
230 V/50-60 HZ: 620002; with RS232 620202
230 V/24V/50-60 HZ: 620003; with RS232 620203
24 V/50-60 HZ: 620010; with RS232 620210
115 V/50-60 HZ: 620011; with RS232 620211
230 V/50-60 HZ: 620012; with RS232 620212

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