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Part number: 270435

Peristaltic pump PeriClip® DUO


The pump is not suitable for precise dosing, because only the ratio of the flow rates will remain approximately constant by changing temperatures.

Product description (Peristaltic pump PeriClip® DUO):

Double peristaltic pump for conveying simultaneously two fluids

The double peristaltic pump is suitable for conveying simultaneously two fluids and fills automatically the measuring chamber system of TESTOMAT® devices. It can be used for conveying of aqueous media.

Motor powered peristaltic pump with 2 pump heads

Delivery volume: 600 – 900 μl/min

Ambient temperature: 10-45°C

Dimensions (HxWxD): 75 mm x 100 mm x 110 mm

Mounting: on 35 mm DIN rail

Tube material: Norprene

Tube dimensions: outer diameter: approx.. 5 mm;

Flow rate ratio: A/B approx. 3.5:1, measured with indicators CL2250A and CL2250B

Inner diameter: tube A/C: 1.6 mm inside; tube B/D: 0.8 mm inside

Length: inlet A/B: 140 mm; outlet C/D: 350 mm

Tube connections: direct connection to suction device and measuring chamber


Fluids with a high viscosity can cause problems with the dosage, especially if the thin tube B is used. The amount of liquid which is dosed may be too small. At a high viscosity and low temperature, check if enough liquid is dosed.

The flow rate depends on the temperature and the tolerances of the motor rotation speed. It rises with rising temperature. The flow rate increases by approx. 30% throughout the temperature range by using the above mentioned indicators.

The ratio of the flow rates will remain constant throughout the temperature range (within +/-10%) by using the CL2250A and CL2250B.


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