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Part number: 100230

Testomat 2000® CLF

Measuring parameter:
Free Chlorine
Measuring range:
0.00-0.99 mg/l and1.0-2,5 mg/l
Field of application:
DPD-method for swimming pool and drinking water control | Chlorination monitoring for drinking-water or swimming pools | Provides protection for reverse osmosis membranes | The controlling of chlorine biocides and conditioning agents
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Product description (Testomat 2000® CLF):

The process-photometer Testomat 2000® CLF is a wet-chemical online
instrument for monitoring the content of free chlorine (CLF) in the
0-2.5 mg/l (ppm) range.

Performance profile:
• Analysis via automatic dosing of two reagents
• The analysis result is displayed after a reaction time of approx. one minute.
• Two independently programmable limit value contacts for monitoring and controlling tasks; the analysis result is recorded via an optional plug-in card (current interface SK910) for a recorder (0/4–20 mA).

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