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Part number: 100310

Testomat 2000® CrVI

Measuring parameter:
chromate | chromium-VI
Measuring range:
0-2,0 mg/l chromate | 0-1,0 mg/l chromium VI
Field of application:
Process control of waste water in galvanic industry | Monitoring of chromate content of galvanic waste water | Controlling of process water in the electroplating/metal industry
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Product description (Testomat 2000® CrVI):

The process photometer Testomat 2000® Cr VI is a wet-chemical online instrument for monitoring the content of chromate CrO4 2- in the 0 to 2.0
mg/l range or chrome VI (Cr VI) in the 0 to 1.0 mg/l range using the colorimetric method.

The device uses a photometrical analysis principle based on DIN 38405. Application ranges are, e.g., controlling and monitoring wastewater
treatment plants in the electroplating industry. Two separately programmable limit value contacts allow various controlling and
monitoring tasks.
The dosing of two reagents and the display of the analysis value after a reaction time of approx. two minutes (absolute measuring time without
flushing times). The analysis result is recorded via an optional plug-in card (current
interface SK910, for a recorder (0/4–20 mA).

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