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Part number: 110221

Testomat 2000® DUO CN

Measuring parameter:
Water hardness | Carbonate hardness | p-value | minus m-value
Measuring range:
0,05-25 °dH Wasserhärte | 0,5-20 °dH Carbonathärte | 1-15 mmol/l p-Wert | 0,05-0,5 mmol/l minus m-Wert
Field of application:
Controlling of two measuring points with different reagents | Languages: Mandarin / English
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Product description (Testomat 2000® DUO CN):

Testomat 2000® DUO is, just like Testomat 2000®, the ideal instrument for monitoring the water quality of water treatment, water blending and drinking-water plants.

Performance profile:
• Two different parameters can be measured simultaneously (e.g. two measuring ranges for water hardness or water hardness and carbonate hardness).
• Automatic switching between measuring points.
• Existing port for limitation to a single measuring point.

Mandarin / GB

24 V/50-60 HZ: 110221

115 V/50-60 HZ: 110220

230 V/50-60 HZ: 110219

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