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Part number: 100380

Testomat 2000® self clean

Measuring parameter:
Water hardness | Carbonate hardness | p-value | minus m-value
Measuring range:
0,05-25 °dH | 0,5-20 °dH | 1-15 mmol/l | 0,05-0,5 mmol/l
Field of application:
Automatic cleaning the measuring chamber
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Testomat 2000® S8 plus cleaning reagent 151105

Product description (Testomat 2000® self clean):

Testomat 2000® self clean is a special version of Testomat 2000® with an additional dosing pump for cleaning or disinfecting agents after an

It can be used to remove possible pollution of the measuring chamber and the drain hose. After a preset number of analysis cycles, the
measuring chamber is rinsed and the agent is added to the water in the measuring chamber. After a reaction time of 30 seconds, the content of
the measuring chamber is dumped. The measuring chamber is subsequently rinsed twice.

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