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Part number: 100180

Testomat 2000® V

Measuring parameter:
Water hardness | Carbonate hardness
Measuring range:
1,0–25,0 °dH Wasserhärte | 1,0–20,0 °dH Carbonathärte |
Field of application:
Water blending
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Product description (Testomat 2000® V):

Testomat 2000® V, in combination with a proportional 3/2-way motor control valve with an 0/4-20 mA interface, is ideal as a control system for
the water hardness or carbonate hardness of blending water.

The selection of the reagent determines the working range of the controller (=measuring range).

Measuring ranges: 1.0–25.0 °dH Water hardness

1.0–20.0 °dH Carbonate hardness


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