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Part number: 100245

Testomat 2000® CLT self clean

Measuring parameter:
Total Chlorine
Measuring range:
0.00-0.99 mg/l, 1.0-2.5 mg/l Total Chlorine
Field of application:
Monitoring of disinfectant dosing in the drinking water field | Water treatment at dialysis centers
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Product description (Testomat 2000® CLT self clean):

The process-photometer Testomat 2000® CLT self clean is a wet-chemical online instrument for monitoring the content of total chlorine (CLT) in the range of 0-2.5 mg/l (ppm).

Performance profile:
• Analysis via automatic dosing of three reagents.

• The analysis result is displayed after a reaction time of approx. one minute

• Cleaning function for the measuring chamber

• Two adjustable limit values with programmable switch functions


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230 V/50-60 HZ: German 100245, English 100246, French 100247

115 V, 24V /50-60 HZ upon request



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