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Part number: 110110

Titromat® TH

Measuring parameter:
Carbonate hardness
Measuring range:
(resolution) 2,5-50.0 °dH (2.5)
Field of application:
Alkalinity (cooling towers) | Drinking water production and supply | Raw water monitoring
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Product description (Titromat® TH):

Titromat® KH, MP, M1, M2 and TH are based on the instrument technology, the performance features and the basic technical data of Testomat 2000®.

Titromat® TH is used for automatically determining and monitoring the water hardness in aqueous media; the analysis is carried out by adding two reagents.

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24 V/50-60 HZ: German 110110, English 110111, French 110112

115 V/50-60 HZ:German 110115, English110116, French 110117

230 V/50-60 HZ:German 110120, English110121, French 110122

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