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Part number: 850440

Ozone Generator CFS-7

Ozone production:
370 g/h from oxygen 240 g/h from dry air (dew point: -65 °C)
Operation gas flow rate:
2.61 m3/h oxygen or 6.19 m3/h air
Operation pressure:
1.0 bar g in oxygen or 2.0 bar g in air
Gas connections:
12 x 1 mm SERTO Fittings
Cooling water connections:
15 x 1 mm SERTO Fittings
1000 x 450 x 800 mm
Power consumption:
4460 W at 3x 400 VAC, 50–60 Hz

Product description (Ozone Generator CFS-7):

Ozone Generator CFS for industrial applications and water treatment; Water-cooled generator in compact mild steel housing
(IP 42) for oxygen and dry air as feed gas according the method of “Silence Electrical Discharge”, consisting of:

- Ozone generating module from stainless steel with ceramic dielectric; IGBT power supply with high voltage transformer for medium
frequency operation;

-Controls and displays: flow meter with needle valve for feed gas; pressure regulation valve; keyboard / touch screen for controlling
ozone production rate (10–100%), operation modes, electrical power, operation hours and failures;

-Potential-free outputs: remote-ON/OFF, gas valves open and alarms;
external set point: 4–20 mA


Cooling water: 560 l/h, drinking water quality

Nom. ozone concentration: 10% wt in oxygen or 3% wt in air

Weight: 200 kg

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