Detailed product view
Part number: 880420

Electrolytic Ozone Generator MkIV-S-1

Ozone production:
3–4 g/h
Operation pressure:
6 bar
770 x 725 x 400 mm

Product description (Electrolytic Ozone Generator MkIV-S-1):

MkIV-S-1 Electrolytic Ozone Generator for the production of ozone by catalytic  water electrolysis, especially suited for disinfection and sanitisation of pure water in distribution loops of the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industry

Electrolytic cell and control cabinet incl. set of electrodes

Electrical power: 500 W

The system consists of 1, 2 or 3 current-controlled electrolysis cells incl. electrodes with a solid polymer membrane as electrolyte and an electric control cabinet with power unit, logic module and emergency battery set
Ozone production per cell: 3–4g/h
Feed water flow: max. 160 l/h
Feed water conductivity: < 20 μS/cm
Electrical power per cell: 500 W / 230 VAC, 50–60 Hz
Controls/Signals, potential-free: System ON/OFF; Control and set
point local/remote
Supply ON/OFF; collective alarm
Current output 4–20 mA: Cell current for ozone production

System Version MkIV-S, complete unit, ready for connection; consisting of:
- Electrolytic cells made of PEEK-Polymer / stainless steel (316L); internal piping with flow meter and needle valve, inside a stainless steel
housing (IP 54) with SERTO connections 12 mm
- Control cabinet with power unit, controller unit and emergency battery set inside a stainless steel housing IP 54, directly connected by a cable with the electrolytic cells

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