Detailed product view
Part number: 880440

Electrolytic Ozone Generator MkIV-S-2

Ozone production:
2 x 3–4 g/h
Operation pressure:
6 bar
770 x 725 x 400 mm

Product description (Electrolytic Ozone Generator MkIV-S-2):

MkIV-S-2 Electrolytic Ozone Generator for the production of ozone by catalytic water electrolysis, especially suited for disinfection and sanitisation of pure water in distribution loops of the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industry

2 pcs. electrolytic cells and control cabinet incl. set of electrodes
Electrical power: 1000 W

MkIV-S-2 Electrolytical Ozone Generator

The system consists of 1, 2 or 3 current-controlled electrolysis cells incl. electrodes with a solid polymer membrane as electrolyte and an electric control cabinet with power unit, logic module and emergency battery set
Ozone production per cell: 3–4g/h
Feed water flow: max. 160 l/h
Feed water conductivity: < 20 μS/cm
Electrical power per cell: 500 W / 230 VAC, 50–60 Hz
Controls/Signals, potential-free: System ON/OFF; Control and set
point local/remote
Supply ON/OFF; collective alarm
Current output 4–20 mA: Cell current for ozone production

System Version MkIV-S-2, complete unit, ready for connection; consisting of:
- Electrolytic cells made of PEEK-Polymer / stainless (316L) internal piping with flow meter and needle valve, inside a stainless steel
housing (IP 54) with SERTO connections 12 mm
- Control cabinet with power unit, controller unit and emergency battery set inside a stainless steel housing IP 54, directly connected by a cable with the electrolytic cells

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