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Part number: 270342

Repair and service case Testomat® 808

Product description (Repair and service case Testomat® 808):

Case for regular maintenance of a Testomat® 808 on-site service

8x O-rings 3,68 x 1,78

8x O-rings 1,78 x 1,78

8x O-rings 4,5 x 1,5

8x flat gaskets 24 x 2

1x pump head

4x inserts with screw cap 500ml

1x insert with screw cap 100ml

1x cleaning brush set

4x angle screw connectors

6x fuses, T 0,1 A

6x fuses, T 0,2 A

6x fuses, T 1,0 A

6x fuses, T 4 A

6x sight glasses 30x3

2x pipes, I = 53 mm

2x pipes, I = 140 mm

1x optical board

1x SUB-D null modem cable

1x USB serial adapter

2x dosing needles

4x hose adapters

2x magnetic stirring bars

8x screws M3x12

4x screws M3x40

1x LED socket

1x magnetic valve

1x documentation/ software

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