Detailed product view
Part number: 880501


Product description (RESIDUAL OZONE DESTRUCTORS: Ozon Destruct 13):

Catalytic ozone absorber Ozon Destruct for the destruction of residual ozone in the offgas line; based on Carulite 200 mixed oxide granulate

The system consists of:

1 x reactor housing, stainless steel 1.404, DN 80

1 x reactor connection TC, DIN 32676, DN 80

1 x exhaust air connection: plug-in socket  DN 50, stainless steel
1 x set of internals for demister unit
1 x electrical heater for exhaust air: 230, V AC, 40 W
1 x filling Carulite 200

Technical data:


Operating range: 013 Nm³/h

Total length: 700 mm

Diameter: 85 mm

Power supply: 230 V AC, 0.04 kW

Weight: approx. 20 kg

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