EcoSafeGuard – integrated process monitoring

By the end of 2011 a joint project about qualified online registration of process critical parameters was started with Jensen GmbH, who is also resident inHildesheim. In the course of the project, it was especially paid attention to the continuous monitoring of water hardness on the system’s fresh water side, as well as to the online monitoring of the conductivity and pH-value of the washing water.

The aim was, to integrate a measuring system into the systems engineering of Jensen GmbH, so that the analysis of the parameters, within the process itself, can be proceeded by a modular construction. Further, additionally to a continuous monitoring of the parameters, a direct communication with the process control system should be realized.

The parameters named above and their documentation are essential for the quality of the washing process. Due to a direct bonding in the central unit of the whole system, a sustained documentation is possible. The documentation is done batchwisely and enables the customers of Jensen GmbH to give precise statements, concerning certain process parameters in the washing water, to their customers.

Due to the close cooperation of both companies, the installation of a test facility in Harsum was already realized in the middle of March. In the course of comprehensive tests, the functionality, data communication and signal processing of the single components were checked and optimized in the most different washing processes directly.

With EcoSafeGuard one succeeded in integrating a cost-efficient modular system into the Jensen facility. The new technology was designed in a way that existing systems can be finished with the new technics afterwards. The result is a unit assembly system with that the customer can decide which parameters he likes to monitor.

The joint final inspection of EcoSafeGuard was proceeded on 25th April 2012 by both companies.

The common presentation of the EcoSafeGuard system at Texcare (5th-9th May 2012) crowned the successful cooperation.

Bo Rasmussen and  Karsten Hesse (Texcare 2012)

After the first successful project, both companies will use the joint locational advantage as well as the experience in order to start further projects in future. “Tradition and future at your side”, Gebrüder Heyl’s guiding theme, is here especially valid, because the successful cooperation will be continued and further parameters will be integrated into the EcoSafeGuard system in future.

EcoSafeGuard - integrated process monitoring (633)

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