Cooling towers -Testomat 2000®Polymer Photometer

Testomat 2000® Polymer Photometer – reliable measurement of treatment chemicals containing polyacrylates in cooling water and boiler feedwater


Specially formulated water treatment chemicals are used to avoid corrosion and limescale in cooling loops and boiler systems.  In general, corrosion and hardness inhibitors are combination products containing a certain percentage of polyacrylic acid derivates. The use of these products can be problematic: if dosed too low, corrosion and solid deposits will damage the system components. Too high dose involves higher operating cost and will be harmful for the environment.

The Testomat 2000® Polymer is designed for the measurement of these polyacrylates. The procedure follows the Hyamine 1622 turbidity method: by dosing of two reagents a turbidity reaction occurs. The intensity of the turbidity being photometrically determined is proportional to the product concentration.

Reagents usually are provided by the manufacturers of the conditioning products. This assures the greatest possible accordance between process measurement and reference laboratory analysis. We offer a free feasibility study, in order to warrant that the measurement with the selected analytics and conditioning inhibitor actually works in the requested measurement range.
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