TOP sponsor of the Bundesliga boxing club BSK-Hannover-Seelze e.V.

TOP sponsor of the Bundesliga boxing club BSK-Hannover-Seelze e.V.

Integration, respect, politeness, learning to box – this is the slogan of the boxing club BSK Seelze. The club was founded by the sport pedagogue, boxing coach and welterweight champion Arthur Mattheis in 2000, in order to arouse the enthusiasm of young people for boxing, offering them fun and teaching them the importance of respect, tolerance, self-awareness and the ability to work in a team. He and his colleagues walk along the streets, visit schools and talk with suitable young people. Through his enthusiasm, training discipline and experience in working with young talents he made BSK one of Germany’s most successful boxing clubs, where children and young people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds learn how to control their energy and feelings of aggression, and guide them in the right direction.

In the early September 2012, the BSK team welcomed prominent guests: the boxer trained together with the football professionals of Hanover 96. Although boxing and football are very different kinds of sport, the footballers could benefit much from the box training exercises: besides moving muscles which would be otherwise neglected, the joint training session brought some extra entertainment and created a joyful atmosphere.

We are fascinated by this work. As a company specialized in the distribution and sale of proven and innovative products we stand for the values, conveyed through boxing sport: discipline, care, determination, reliability. Being committed to this great sport, we have been top sponsor of the club since 2011.

BSK Hanover Seelze fought in the first national league on the 3rd place

Hannover BSK Seelze stands in the season 2014/15 on the 3rd place in the table of the 1st national league.
On the 28th of February, 2015 the boxers fought in a comparative fight against Switzerland and defeated this with a result of 13 to 11.

We congratulate the boxers warmly!






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